Randa came to us with a vision, and we instantly connect. She is so beautiful in real life, inside and out, that we vow to turn her winter wonderland princess dream into reality.

First hurdle is to find the right shade of pink. There are so many shades of blush around but most of them are too yellowy against Randa’s pale skin. Accidentally, on another fabric hunt trip, we found this perfect pink silk taffeta, and it wasn’t even in any colour card the shop had. Talk about “Meant to Be”. We then got the French Lace dyed to match the taffeta and everything else just fell in to place.

The ensemble Gown-Petticoat-Veil contains of more than 10 meters of silk taffeta, 80 meters of soft pale pink tule, and 40 meters of stiff pink net. Randa’s vision also includes a hooded veil, and because we love creating something different, we jumped to the idea and it really does finished the look fabulously. A layer of pink glitter tulle was added to the veil, because a girl can never have too much sparkle.

Looking back at the images, Randa looks stunning and we really love the whole look. Almost forgot to complement the prince charming, Isa, who looks handsome and polished. Listening to Randa talked about Isa and the dreams they have together of their future, I can see how much love they have and I wish them all the luck in the world.


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